Universal City, CA


Silent Cooling System designed for Stages 3 thru 6 on the Lower Lot of Universal City which included new rooftop air handling units and ductwork fed by the central refrigeration plant. Chiller Plan, Pumps + Cooling Towers:

  • Cooling Plant infrastructure – 800-ton water cooled child water plant with n+1 redundancy consisting of three (3) 400-ton open water cooling towers complete with pumps, piping, temp controls, power, etc.
  • Condenser water to circulate between cooling tower and chillers; chilled water circulates above rooftops to serve all AHU’s.
  • Two (2) AHU’s per stage mounted on roof above with structural support, ducted down to each stage with low-velocity ductwork distribution system. AHU’s ranging from 65-ton to 45-ton depending on stage.
  • Digital automatic temperature controls from Siemens with full-scale interface to AHU’s with connection to NBCU campus loop
  • Power provided from campus underground distribution system with utility redundancy
  • New main service switchgear for mechanical equipment consisting of new substation with 2000a/480V secondary distribution
  • Power for eight (8) new AU’s completed with wiring
  • Smoke in AHU ductwork along with any other ancillary fire alarm devices, wiring, programming, etc. connected to campus fire alarm